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Amazon facial recognition ban won just 2% of shareholder vote
Source:  Firstpost
Saturday, 25 May 2019 07:05

By Jeffrey Dastin (Reuters) - Inc shareholders overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that the company stop selling facial recognition technology to government agencies, while a resolution to audit the service drew more support, a regulatory filing on Friday showed. Some 2.4% of votes were in favour of the ban. A second proposal that called for a study of the extent to which Amazon's "Rekognition" service harmed civil rights and privacy garnered 27.5% support.

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23 inmates killed in Venezuelan jail riot: Rights group
Source:  Udaipur Kiran
Saturday, 25 May 2019 07:03

The clash started when inmates, many armed, refused to let authorities enter, fearing they would be robbed, said Humberto Prado of the Venezuelan Prison Observatory. At least 18 guards were injured in the clash, he said, adding there were reports of at least one explosion.

Prado called on authorities who run Venezuela’s prisons to stop the violent deaths, saying more than 130 inmates have died since 2017 in three separate riots across the country. “We have this situation because those responsible are converting these cells into dungeons,” Prado said in a video posted on Twitter.

“Prisoners in Venezuela will continue to die unless something is done.” The prison is in the central state of Portuguesa, some 350 kilometers from the capital of Caracas. It’s designed to hold 250, but bulges with 540 inmates, he said.

Venezuelan authorities have not commented on the incident. Last year, a jail riot in the city of Valencia left 68 inmates dead, many of whom were burned alive. At least 39 died two years ago inside a jail in the state of Amazonas, the prisoner rights group said.

Venezuela is in the throes of a historic political and social crisis marked by shortages of food and medicine that’s driving millions to flee the country. Critics say about 30 prisons spread across Venezuela are severely overcrowded, housing 57,000 inmates. They’re often run by gangs that traffic drugs and weapons.

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Sudan protest leaders call for strike from Tuesday
Source:  Udaipur Kiran
Saturday, 25 May 2019 07:03

“There is no longer any alternative to using the weapon of a general strike,” the Alliance for Freedom and Change umbrella group said in a statement Friday.

It said the strike, affecting “public and private institutions and companies”, would be accompanied by civil disobedience and was “an act of peaceful resistance with which we have been forced to proceed”.

The group, which led a nationwide protest movement against long-time leader Omar al-Bashir that led to his ouster on April 11, is at odds with the ruling military council over the form of a new governing body.

Talks between the two sides have been suspended since Monday after a disagreement over who should lead the new authority a civilian or an officer.

The generals who seized power after Bashir was toppled have resisted calls from the demonstrators and the international community to step down.

The protest alliance said Thursday it would launch a campaign to urge demonstrators who have been rallying for weeks outside the army complex in Khartoum, and in other cities, to come up with a solution to overcome the impasse.

The post Sudan protest leaders call for strike from Tuesday appeared first on Udaipur News | Udaipur Latest News | udaipur local news.

Trump confirms considering pardons in US war crimes cases
Source:  Udaipur Kiran
Saturday, 25 May 2019 07:03

Trump envisaged making the controversial pardons during the Memorial Day weekend, when Americans honour those who died while serving in the military.

Reportedly among those being considered is Edward Gallagher, a Navy SEAL accused of shooting unarmed civilians and stabbing a teenage captive to death, who is due to stand trial starting next week.

Trump is also said to be eyeing a pardon for Matt Golsteyn, an ex-member of the elite US Army Green Berets, charged with premeditated murder in the shooting death of an alleged Taliban bomb-maker in 2010.

Three Marines, arrested after video footage showed them urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters in 2011, are also reportedly under consideration for a pardon, as well as a former Blackwater employee convicted of killing a teenaged Iraqi civilian in 2007.

“We’re looking at a lot of different pardons for a lot of different people,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn Friday, when asking why he was considering pardoning war criminals.

“Some of these soldiers are people that have fought hard, long, you know. We teach them how to be great fighters and when they fight sometimes they get really treated very unfairly. So we’re going to take a look at it,” Trump added.

Trump confirmed he was considering two or three cases that were “a little bit controversial,” adding that he may let trials of these people proceed and then decide afterward.

“I haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t made any decisions,” he said. Retired Navy admiral James Stavridis was among those who came out strongly against Trump’s reported plans.

“I commanded several of the servicemen Trump may pardon,” the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander wrote. “Letting them off will undermine the military.”

This type of pardon, he argued, “strengthens enemy propaganda, as they will correctly say that we do not hold ourselves accountable for our own standards,” and “spurs our enemies on to even more barbaric behaviour.”

Such pardons would be “disgusting,” warned Democratic presidential hopeful and Navy veteran Pete Buttigieg. It would be “an affront to the idea of good order and discipline and to the idea of the rule of law, the very thing we believe we’re putting our lives on the line to defend,” said Buttigieg, who served as a naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan in 2014.

Gallagher, 39, is slated to face a military tribunal May 28 at the San Diego naval base. He is accused of stabbing a wounded 15-year-old Iraqi prisoner to death in 2017, while an American medic was treating him.

He is also accused of shooting a young girl and an old man with a sniper rifle in 2017 and 2018, and of firing a heavy machine gun into a residential area. Golsteyn is to be tried at court martial but a date has not been set yet.

According to court document excerpts, Golsteyn worried that the Taliban suspect, whom he was unable to detain for more than 24 hours, might make more bombs and kill an Afghan tribal leader who had identified him.

Investigators have said Golsteyn and another soldier eventually took the suspect back to his house and killed him. They then burned the body.

A third controversial case involves Nicholas Slatten, 35, who worked as a security guard for the US private military contractor Blackwater and was convicted in December of killing a teenaged Iraqi civilian in the 2007 Nisour Square massacre in Baghdad, which sparked global outrage.

“Bad message. Bad precedent. Abdication of moral responsibility. Risk to us,” tweeted retired Army general Martin Dempsey. “The wholesale pardon of US service members accused of war crimes signals our troops and allies that we don’t take the law of armed conflict seriously.”

Trump has used his power of pardon before, and critics say he wields it for the benefit of people who back him or his ideas. Earlier this month, he pardoned Conrad Black, a disgraced British media mogul who served more than three years in prison in the US for fraud and obstruction of justice and is an outspoken fan of Trump.

Last year, Trump granted a full pardon to Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative author and firebrand. In 2017, Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff convicted of violating a court order to halt traffic patrols that targeted suspected unauthorized immigrants.

The post Trump confirms considering pardons in US war crimes cases appeared first on Udaipur News | Udaipur Latest News | udaipur local news.

HC overrules ex-judge’s ‘Hindu country’ verdict
Source:  Times of India
Saturday, 25 May 2019 07:03

Just Approved Gene Therapy Drug Is World's Most Expensive At $2.1 Million
Source:  NDTV News
Saturday, 25 May 2019 07:03

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved the most expensive drug in the world, a $2.1 million, one-time gene therapy for treatment of a rare disease that afflicts infants.

Mount Everest Is So Crowded That Climbers Are Perishing In Traffic Jams
Source:  NDTV News
Saturday, 25 May 2019 07:01

Anjali Kulkarni, an Indian mountain climber, trained for six years to make it to the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world. She finally fulfilled her longtime goal when she...

BJP led NDA begins process of formation of Govt
Source:  The News International
Saturday, 25 May 2019 06:59

Following a landslide victory, the National Democratic Alliance, NDA has initiated the process to form government at Centre. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday chaired a meeting of the Union Cabinet.

With the Union Cabinet meeting, the process of dissolving the current Lok Sabha and outgoing government has also begun. The Union Cabinet forwarded to the President, a recommendation to dissolve the lower house. After the meeting, the Prime Minister also participated in the meeting of the council of ministers. The Council of Ministers expressed its gratitude to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Modi also appreciated the role of his colleagues and their contribution.

After the two meetings, the Prime Minister called on the President and tendered his resignation along with the Council of Ministers. The President accepted the resignation & requested the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers to continue till new Government assumes office.

Formation of new government will kick off after the election commission notification which will have the names of newly elected Lok Sabha MPs. Once the notification gets President’s approval, the process of constitution of 17th Lok Sabha will formally begin.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah met party veterans Lal Krishna Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, a day after BJP led NDA secured a thumping victory. Prime Minister visited L K Advani’s residence and sought his blessings. He tweeted a picture and wrote– Called on respected Advani Ji. The BJP’s successes today are possible because greats like him spent decades building the party and providing a fresh ideological narrative to the people.

The Prime Minister also called on Murli Manohar Joshi. PM Modi tweeted — Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi is a scholar and intellectual par excellence. His contribution towards improving Indian education is remarkable. He has always worked to strengthen the BJP and mentor several Karyakartas, including me. Met him this morning and sought his blessings.

Joshi greeted Prime Minister Modi and the BJP President for the historic win of BJP and said the nation wants a strong government.

Meanwhile, rounds of meetings also continued in the BJP. Party president Amit Shah held several meetings with party leaders.

On Saturday evening, BJP parliamentary party will hold its meeting. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will formally be elected the leader of the BJP parliamentary party in the meeting. After this, PM Modi will be elected leader of the newly elected NDA MPs in a meeting at the Central Hall of the Parliament. Prime Minister is also expected to address the  gathering.

The post BJP led NDA begins process of formation of Govt appeared first on Udaipur News | Udaipur Latest News | udaipur local news.

Cancel Robert Vadra’s laundering case bail: ED
Source:  Times of India
Saturday, 25 May 2019 06:51

Juvenile held in Dwarka for TikTok celebrity's murder
Source:  Samachar
Saturday, 25 May 2019 06:50

In a major breakthrough, a juvenile has been apprehended in connection with the killing of a 27-year-old gym trainer and TikTok celebrity Mohit More in Dwarka earlier this week, police said on Friday.

The accused, 17, was apprehended from Dhulsiras village in Dwarka and one illegal firearm of .315 bore along with two live cartridges was recovered from his possession.

More, who had over 5 lakh followers on social networking app TikTok was allegedly shot dead on Tuesday.

"The probe revealed that the reason behind Mohit's death was the Rs. 30 lakh which Mohit took from another bad character Mangu and was not returning the same from a long time," Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Special Cell, Sanjeev Yadav told ANI.

During sustained interrogation, the juvenile revealed that he was one of three assailants who shot down More.

It was also revealed that Mohit was a member of the Pradeep Sangvan gang while the accused is a member of Nando gang.

More, was shot dead at a photostat shop in Najafgarh area in Dwarka by unidentified bike-borne youth who were wearing helmets.

CCTV footage of nearby shops had revealed that three bike-borne assailants of which two were wearing a helmet which the third one was bareheaded. (ANI)

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